Belfast community call: Build new Prokick Gym

Founded by the former four-division kickboxing world champion Billy Murray, Prokick Gym in Belfast, Northern Ireland has been changing lives for over 25 years. Now it is time for more.

The old tin hut has served its purpose. Over fifteen world champions have been “made-in Prokick”. Over the years it also helped people improve their fitness, lose weight, improve their mental health and much more.

“In order to continue benefiting those who walk through the doors and changing the lives of the community, we need to move premises. We need to raise funds to reach our goal. We need YOU,” stated in the announcement on Wednesday.

“Whilst the Wilgar Street gym has lots of ‘character’ it is no longer fit for purpose. There are many opportunities that come our way that we pass up because of insufficient facilities, our members make do with training in conditions that are less than ideal, yet we still manage to make a significant difference to the physical and mental well-being of all those who set foot through the doors.

“Regardless of poor facilities we are still producing home-grown champions, training approximately one hundred kids every week, and hosting world-renowned international events. Imagine what we could do with better facilities…”

“The good news is, after so many years the great work coming out of ProKick has been recognized. We have been accepted onto a programme that will enable us to relocate and refurbish a state of the art facility for our ProKick Members and our local community.”

A Gofundme campaign has been launched, welcoming those who want to contribute and give back.

Made-in Prokick

In addition to four world titles Billy Murray earned over the course of his career as a fighter, he is an award-winning trainer. The list of his internationally known fighters includes Gary Hamilton, Cathy McAleer, Rowena Bolt, just to name a few.

Topping up the bill, Murray is a world-class promoter launching his first Kickboxing Mania back in 1995. He is also a co-founder of The Peace Fighters initiative, which is recognized on the UN level.

The next “made-in ProKick” international kickboxing event takes place at the Clayton Hotel Belfast on October 14. A nearly full main card can be found here.