WKN schedules eight MMA events in Spain


World Kickboxing Network (WKN) expands its MMA branch with eight events scheduled for 2019 in Spain. The series follows a number of the “Hombres de Honor” promotions held this year Madrid.

“Chinto Mordillo signs an exclusive deal with Emilio Marquiegui to produce eight MMA events live on Spanish network Marca TV in 2019. The events will feature local and international competitors battling out under WKN banner,” stated in the announcement on Wednesday.

The dates and places of the upcoming shows are yet to be set. More information is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

In addition, earlier this month the organization has announced its support of a new MMA promotion in India. Kumite 1 League makes its debut on September 29 in Mumbai. “Iron” Mike Tyson is expected to attended the event as a special guest.

World Kickboxing Network launched its MMA affiliate in December 2016. In 2000’s, in collaboration with IVC (International Vale Tudo Championship), the organization went in history as a pioneer-promoter of the MMA bouts in Europe. Numerous WKN championship bouts have recently been held at Simply the Best and other associated events.