Jason Statham lookalike, Edward Hope meets Chuck Norris
Edward Hope with Chuck Norris in June 2018 in Perth, Australia / Pic: Supplied

Life is like a movie. Perth builder and former Muay Thai fighter Edward Hope knows it well, thanks to his resemblance to A-list Hollywood actor Jason Statham.

Over the course of his fighting career, the Cottesloe-born alumni of Aquinas College, Edward Hope, 52, scored seven wins out of twelve bouts. He started the “Art of Eight Limbs” in 1993 at the age of 28 at Phons Gym in Northbridge. It was that time when young Daniel “The Rock” Dawson kicked off his career under the guidance of former Thailand’s Top 10 Sanapar Noi. Five years earlier Hope had practiced Chinese Martial Art Choy Li Fut.

“While training in Muay Thai I was also training in Sanda and boxing,” says Hope. “I am currently training in Choy Li Fut.”

Reflecting back on his biggest achievement in sport, Hope outlines ranking second at the 2014 National All Style Martial Arts tournament in Queensland. In addition, he twice won the Australian Championships in sailing, which he reminisces as “making my parents proud when I was in my teens”.

‘You look like Jason Statham’

When you look like someone famous, it can certainly be beneficial. Not that it opens doors, but it’s definitely “pretty cool”.

“It was approximately 14 years ago when a friend of mine said to me you look like Jason Statham and I said, ‘who’. Then he explained who he was talking about and I thought that’s pretty cool.”

When asked about his opinion on the resemblance to “The Transporter” and “Mechanic”, Hope smiled and responded with “what can I say, he is a cool looking guy”.

“Over the years it has benefited me by people coming up to me and saying you look like that actor or you look like Jason Statham. Also when I have been overseas people have come up and asked if they can have their photo taken with me.”

Meeting Chuck Norris

A few months ago, Western Australia was “alarmed” by the announcement that Chuck Norris, Walker himself, was coming to Perth. It was a must to meet and greet the 1968 Karate World Champion, who four years later went up against legendary Bruce Lee in the Way of the Dragon movie.

“I have always wanted to meet Chuck Norris since I was a young boy and when I saw that he was coming to Perth I couldn’t miss the opportunity.” It was awesome to meet him and have a photo taken with him.”

“I asked him the question of who did he think I resembled. He said Jason Statham.”

Never Give Up Hope

Being an action movie star is a dream of many, indeed. Some pursue it despite the odds. Others patiently wait for the right moment, the opportunity.

“I have never tried acting but I have always wanted to.”

“With running a company for 18 years and having different responsibilities the dream of acting was clouded.”

Perhaps the day will come and Australia will see its very own Edward Hope on the big screen. With a background in Martial Arts, he may appear as the body double of famed Englishman, know as “Lee Christmas” of The Expendable squad headed by Barney Ross, Sylvester Stallone.

When asked what message he would send to Jason Statham, Hope responds: “You look like someone I know”.