Former kickboxing champion Ali Jacko presents Follow My Heart music video

“Lion’s Heart” Ali Jacko

British-Bangladeshi Ali Jacko is the former World Kickboxing Network Lightweight champion, whose career started with a chance encounter with the legendary Muhammad Ali. Winning a prestigious title in 2000 at the York Hall in London, “Lion’s Heart” has been also known as one of the leading fight promoters in the United Kingdom, with the JKO TV programme launched three year earlier on SKY Sports and Channel 5.

After retirement from fighting, the former champion has found a new passion in the music industry. In March he released the “Only Thing I See”.

This week Ali Jacko presented a new single, Follow My Heart. The clip features some of the highlight moments of his battles inside the square circle and as well as training, while the title and lyrics, speak for themselves. The music video ends with a special thank you to WKN President Stephane Cabrera.

Ali Jacko music is available on all the common platforms. More information can be found on his official website.