Carnage Diary: Training Cris Cyborg for UFC 232 Amanda Nunes fight


After moving to America five months ago and traveling all over the country teaching seminars, I have started to work with the number one female MMA fighter in the world. I was asked to train with Cris Cyborg for her up coming featherweight title defense against Amanda Nunes on December 29 in Las Vegas.

It was a great opportunity to show the world how Elbow Striking is so important in MMA. Cyborg is the best fighter for me to teach. Her forward aggressive style perfectly suits the elbow game.

With her forward pressure, it puts her in the perfect range to use the elbows. It is something that I was so passionate about and used to my advantage over my own 15-year fight career.

We only started training a few weeks ago and a couple of times so far, but already feeling the changes take place, from getting Cris to be thinking about the elbow, when the range is ready for it. Most fighters forget the elbow and constantly miss opportunities for potential knockout or cuts to there opponent.

It’s definitely a pleasure to work with such a champion in the sport of MMA, and to be able to influence my experience into the game. I’m looking forward to seeing the results in the near future.