Girl Power 7 Kladno: WKN Czech title featured on the card

Girl Power 7 Kladno event trailer

Here is the event trailer for Girl Power 7 Kladno presented by Hakim Promotion in terms of Noc Valecniku 15 on Friday October 19 live on TV

Posted by WKN on Friday, August 31, 2018

Noc Valecniku 15: Cyril Pohl vs. Daniel Veidenthaler

Girl Power Kickboxing makes its debut in Czech Republic with Episode 7 produced on Friday October 19. The televised event takes place at the Sport Hall Kladno, featuring an eight-woman knockout tournament, as well as a series of matchups in terms of “Noc Valecniku 15” [Night of the Warriors].

Earlier this month World Kickboxing Network announced several feature-bouts presented on the card. On Friday the fight-bill was topped up by Czech National Championship. The contest features Super Cruiserweight Cyril Pohl up against his country-fellow Daniel Veidenthaler (via Twitter).

The resume of Pohl includes the battles against Vasil Ducar, Michal Brousil, Ivan Bartek, among others. Veidenthaler faced the likes of Martin Kalucz, Stanislav Sobotka, Lukas Vuka. The bout is scheduled for three rounds in oriental kickboxing (K-1 rules).

Girl Power is a one-night knockout contest. To take all the contender has to collect three victories during evening going through quarter-final, semi-final and final. The tournament draw is conducted the day before the fight show at the official weigh-in ceremony.

The current lineup can be found below. The rest of the card is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Noc Valecniku 15 fight card

Super Cruiserweight Cyril Pohl vs. Daniel Veidenthaler
Heavyweight Jakub Ibl vs. Michal Janacek
Super Light Heavyweight Vladimir Machacek vs. TBA
Catchweight (91 kg) Jan Holy vs. TBA

Light Heavyweight Karel Horejsek vs. TBA

Girl Power 7
Michaela Michl (Germany)
Lucia Szabova (Slovakia)
Samira Kovacevic (Bosnia)
Diane Schembri (Malta)
Tereza Dvorakova (Czech)
Sara Surrel (France)
Zarina Apakova (Czech)
Dominika Rembelska (Poland)