Exclusive ‘Carnage Muay Thai’ workshop set for Oct. 13 on the Gold Coast

Trainer-student workshop at Apex Training Academy

After traveling around the world teaching Carnage Muay Thai seminars for the past four years, as well as sharing my passion and knowledge of Elbow Striking, I have developed an incredible system. Trainers could implement it into their coaching for their students and fighters to get a better understanding of the elbow.

When to use it, combined with other strikes, in order to complete the game. Or, as a student or fighter could become more equipped, with better understanding and skills of the sport.

The Elbow Striking is the core of what I do. It has given me the ability to capture multiple world titles and create a global name in the sport of Muay Thai and stand-up fighting.

I’m now hosting this teacher-trainer-student workshop for all martial artist wanting to upgrade their skill base. Moreover, to gain a deeper understanding, to not only the technical part, but the mentality of an Elbow fighter.

The two-hour seminar is held on the 13th of October from 10 am to 12 pm at Apex Training Academy on the Gold Coast, QLD (Unit 4, 17-19 Crown Court, Varsity Lakes). Inquiries can be sent to me by email.

Carnage Muay Thai workshop features

  • Learning all elbow strikes I used in my fights
  • Getting the inside information on my set ups and combinations
  • A 5 step system you can teach to all your students and fighters
  • The mentality behind my elbow success
  • A better understanding of when and how to use each elbow
  • Inspiration to become your best self