World Kickboxing Network title on the line in Bytom
WKN Poland representative Cezary Podraza with Przemek Kierpacz / Pic: Facebook

WKN Poland

World Kickboxing Network returns to Poland on October 13 with a pro-amateur championship event held in Bytom, the organization announced on Monday. The happening follows the world title clash between Tomasz Sarara and Tomas Mozny produced in May at the National Stadium in Warsaw, with over 25,000 people in attendance.

Bytom is a southern Polish city in Silesia. The most recent event held in Bytom was in May 2016, when local Jan Salamacha retained his WKN amateur Full Contact welterweight title against Arnold Andonis of Albania.

The upcoming show features the representative of the country-host Przemek Kierpacz up against Jordi Requeno of Spain. The pair battles out for WKN World welterweight amateur title in oriental kickboxing (K-1 rules).

The “Prosto w Serce 2” event (Straight into the Heart) is organized by Andrzej Panek. The championship supervisor is Cezary Podraza.

Over the years World Kickboxing Network has held numerous events across the country, in such cities as Nowa Sol, Zielona Gora, Katowice and others, with the likes of Tomasz Makowski, Lukasz Plawecki, Pawel Jedrzejczyk participating. In addition, kickboxing series Simply the Best 13 was produced in Poland in December 2016.