Simply the Best 22: Capllonch vs. Zacarias featured on Estrellas de Acero

Simply the Best kickboxing on CN23

Kickboxing series Simply the Best 22 was held at club GEI in Buenos Aires on September 22. The event presented a mixed-fight bill with local and international competitors.

The episode was produced in terms of the Estrellas de Acero programme (Steel Stars). The first series, featuring the main event bout between Argentinian Cristian Bosch and Colombian Andres Dussan, aired this past Saturday on CN23.

On Thursday World Kickboxing Network announced the following broadcast scheduled for October 6 (Oct. 7 AWST).

The list of contests presented on the upcoming programme includes a featherweight feature fight between Argentinian Ignacio Capllonch and Brazilian Fabricio Zacarias. The pair meets in the scheduled for four rounds bout in Full Contact.

Also on the programme a lightweight Muay Thai contest between Facundo Medina and Gonzalo Arredondo. In addition, women’s bantamweight kickboxing encounter between Mariana Clausi and Johana Orue is featured on the schedule.