Rob Powdrill faces Glen Austin at Thunderdome 27
Rob Powdrill and Glen Austin faceoff at the weigh-in ceremony / Pic: Facebook

Rob Powdrill vs. Glen Austin

Rob Powdrill is back in the ring facing “$6-million man” Glen Austin. The pair battles out at “Thunderdome 27”, which takes place tonight (Oct. 5) at Metro City night club in Northbridge, WA. The contest is for WA Cruiserweight title.

Rob Powdrill (6-3) is an all-rounder, who has predominately built his career in Muay Thai. He is also the former World Kickboxing Network Super Middleweight title challenger in France, as well as the 2015 WKN Top Team representative in Spain. In boxing circuits he made headlines in 2014 with the first-round knockout win against Damien Hooper.

Glen Austin (6-0) returned to action in October 2016 after three years of lay off. Since then, “The Six Million Dollar Man” scored three victories.┬áIn summary, he is undefeated in all six bouts since making pro-debut in 2011.

The fight card of the upcoming event comprises 10 bouts. Local and interstate competitors are featured on the roster. The official weigh-in ceremony was conducted on Thursday.