WKN returns to Germany with X'ite Fight Night 6 Trittau
X'ite Fight Night 6 scheduled for December 1, 2018 in Trittau, Germany

WKN Germany

The World Kickboxing Network (WKN) returns to Germany with X’ite Fight Night 6 scheduled for December 1 in Trittau. The event marks the fifth visit in 2018 that the organization makes to the country known for hosting some of the biggest boxing bouts in European history.

Earlier this year WKN has held a series of championship events in such cities as Rostok, Halle, Neumunster and Sax Dolzig. An upcoming “X’ite Fight Night 6” in Trittau follows a previous edition produced last November, when Evans Witte earned German Middleweight title, scoring a unanimous decision against Deniz Kalkan.

“X’ite Fight Night 6 features a series of kickboxing, boxing and MMA bouts. The roster includes Florian Kroger, Kerim Hudur, Ian Krause, Mo Mussa, among others. WKN MMA title belt will be contested on the night,” readsĀ the announcement.

The title challengers and the rest of fight card is expected to be announced in the coming weeks. We will have more information as soon as it becomes available.