Steel Stars: Australian model Lilian Dikmans in Estrellas de Acero

Lilian Dikmans presented on CN23 in Argentina

Melbourne-born Lilian Dikmans (3-0) is the first Australian model who simultaneously competes in Muay Thai. Her next fight is on October 27 in Perth, where she faces local Paris Rose (2-0, 1 KO) at Domination 21.

On Sunday morning (AEST) Dikmans was presented in a combat sports programme Estrellas de Acero (Steel Stars) on Argentinian network CN23. The series covering Simply the Best 22 included a special feature with the Australian model and Muay Thai fighter who was presented before the South American audience.

The segment features Dikmans’ appearance at the National Stadium Warsaw in Poland, where she presented the World Kickboxing Network championship belt in May. She is also seen training Muay Thai in Thailand earlier this year, which was the start of preparation for the upcoming bout.

The hosts of the show Emanuel Masseroni and Vicky Ravecca outlined Dikmans’ modelling career as well as being a presenter at FIGHTMAG. The latter marked its tenth anniversary in 2015, which was commemorated with a special 24k gold plated ring dedicated to Argentinian kickboxing star Jorge Acero Cali, ultimately creating a link between WKN Argentinian and Australian branches.