Six international Muay Thai events featured on IFMA 2019 calendar
IFMA Muay Thai 2019 schedule features six international events / Pic: Facebook

Six international Muay Thai events are featured on the 2019 IFMA calendar to date. According to the organization’s website, the dates and places have been set for Senior World Championships, World Martial Arts Masterships and SEA Games. As well, the schedule for the previously announced European and Youth championships have been released.

Early last month, FIGHTMAG reported that Muay Thai is also featured on the roster of Arafura Games 2019, which starts the season. The event is held in Darwin, Australia from 26 April to 4 May, launching qualifications for The World Games 2021.

IFMA Muay Thai World Championships 2019 is held from 20 to 30 June in Kaspiysk, Dagestan, Russian Federation. The event precedes World Martial Arts Masterships scheduled for August 30 – September 3 in Jincheon, Korea.

Youth World Championships makes its debut on European soil with the event held from September 28 to October 6 in Anatalya, Turkey. European Championships takes place in Marbella, Spain from November 22 to November 29.

The final event of the year is Southeast Asian Games held in Manila, Philippines from November 30 to December 10.

The next event on IFMA calendar isĀ Asian Championships held in Macau from 4 to 14 December, which finishes off the 2018 season.

The current 2019 IFMA event schedule can be found below.

IFMA 2019 event schedule

Arafura Games
April 26 – May 2
Darwin, NT, Australia

Senior World Championships
June 20 – June 30
Kaspiysk, Dagestan, Russian Federation

World Martial Arts Masterships
August 30 – September 3
Jincheon, Korea

Youth World Championships
September 28 – October 6
Antalya, Turkey

European Championships
November 22 – November 29
Marbella, Spain

SEA Games
November 30 – December 10
Manila, Philippines