Girl Power Kickboxing makes Czech debut with series 7 produced in Kladno
Girl Power is a one-night eight-woman kickboxing tournament / Pic: Facebook

Girl Power Kickboxing

A series of women’s kickboxing tournaments “Girl Power” makes Czech debut with episode 7 produced in Kladno. The event is held tonight (Oct. 19), featuring eight international competitors in a one-night knockout contest.

To take WKN championship belt, the contender has to collect three victories during one evening in the format of a single-elimination tournament. The official draw and weigh-in ceremony were conducted on Thursday.

In the first quarter-final Poland’s Anna Cora takes on Diane Schembri of Malta. In the second quarter-final Czech Tereza Dvorakova meets Wiktoria Mirecka also representing Poland.

The third quarter-final features Slovakian Lucia Szabova up against the second representative of the country-host Zarina Apakova. In the fourth quarter-final French Sara Surrel faces Italian Paola Cappucci.

Girl Power 7 Kladno is presented in terms of “Noc Valecniku 15”, which features a four-fight card with kickboxing, boxing and MMA bouts. A complete lineup can be found below.

Four-time K-1 World Champion Ernesto Hoost is expected to attend the event as a special guest.

Girl Power 7 Kladno
Anna Cora (61.7 kg) vs. Diane Schembri (59 kg)
Tereza Dvorakova (62 kg) vs. Wiktoria Mirecka (62 kg)
Lucia Szabova (62 kg) vs. Zarina Apakova (61.5 kg)
Sara Surrel (60.9 kg) vs. Paola Cappucci (62 kg)

Noc Valecniku 15
93 kg Adam Audy vs. Tomas Rybin (Kickboxing)
84 kg: Filip Lehman vs. Jakub Svarc (MMA)
72 kg: Daniel Bazo vs. Miroslav Juna (Boxing)
81 kg: Vladimir Machacek vs. Milan Gargos (Kickboxing)