Lilian Dikmans, Australian model & Muay Thai fighter on The Platform

The Platform feature interview with Lilian Dikmans

Melbourne-born Lilian Dikmans is the first Australian model who simultaneously competes in Muay Thai. Her next fight is this coming Saturday (Oct. 27) in Perth, where she is featured on the card at Domination 21.

Early this week Dikmans appeared on The Platform TV Show hosted by former AFL player Warwick Capper and Andy James on Foxtel Chanel 173. The latter is widely known as “Toggsy” with his “TheWebShow” YouTube series, which over the years has featured the likes of Hollywood actor Burt Young, who portrays Rocky Balboa’s brother-in-law and best friend Paulie Pennino, one of the best boxers of all time Roy Jones Jr., the “Elbow Master” Nathan Corbett aka “Carnage”, just to name a few.

Dubbed as “not to miss”, the eighth episode of the second season of The Platform features Lilian Dikmans in an interview with “Toggsy” James filmed several weeks ago. She was initially invited to the Melbourne studio, but reportedly due to not being in town at the time of filming it was made via Skype.

During the interview, Dikmans spoke about her experience in Muay Thai, while being active as a model. The clip also features some of her training in Thailand early this year and much more.

The famous combat sports commentator Michael Schiavello aka “The Voice” was on The Platform as a special guest. In addition, Michael Jackson’s back up dancer from the 90’s Yuko Sumida spoke to “Toggsy” in the second Skype interview featured on the programme. The video of full episode can be found below.

In addition, earlier this month Lilian Dikmans was presented before the South American audience in a special feature of the Argentinian combat sports programme “Estrellas de Acero” (Steel Stars, Eng.), which can be found here.