Muay Thai life, recap ‘Carnage’ Townsville & Gold Coast visit


Carnage Diary: Back in the US on Oct. 30

After spending the past six months living in the US, I returned to my home town on the Gold Coast, Australia. It was great to be back, to visit family and friends. I was wondering if I had made the right decision of moving to the other side of the World.

While I was back for a month, I was able to run two of my Carnage Elbow Striking seminars. The first was in Townsville, with over 30 people attending, including a couple which drove eight hours. It was a very nice response and warm welcoming to Australia.

The weekend after I hosted a seminar on the Gold Coast, and had 34 people. It was amazing, as some I knew and some I didn’t. So the Saturday morning was very powerful. More than anything, I loved teaching such a great amount of dedicated people.

Other than training a few clients and catching up with old friends, I was just enjoying the Gold Coast vibe and making my plans for the future.

On October 30 I return back to America to continue training professional fighters and running my Elbow Striking seminars all over the country.

The Gold Coast was wonderful to me over the past 30 years. But I’ve definitely out grown it for where I am at the moment in my life. I’m looking forward to returning to America to keep building my Carnage brand further across the World.

I feel it’s unfortunate that Australia doesn’t have the big Muay Thai fight shows anymore. The sport has gone backwards within the professional level.

I see many talented kids coming through, but no real place to shine, if they decide to go all the way. Other than UFC, the fan-base is not big enough to give Muay Thai the opportunity to grow big again, as it was back in the golden era of 2003-2012.

I hope that my fight career and current venture of teaching inspires people to reach for their dreams and to not stop until they are there.

Thank you for all that attended my seminars. Wishing you all great success in the future.