Misagh Norouzi scores sixth straight win, Lilian Dikmans fight results in draw

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Misagh Norouzi and Lilian Dikmans appeared on the card at Domination Muay Thai 21 held this past Saturday (Oct. 27) in Perth, Australia. Coached by yours truly over the last couple of months, the pair showcased as much or as little as you like, but exactly what we worked on.


I suppose I am allowed to say this proudly. Because yes, I am talking about the elbow strikes, and the developed ability of novice fighters hear their trainer well during the fight, moreover instantly perform what they are advised to.

“Win or lose, as long as they do what they work on in the gym and learn from the experience,” the author of The Art of Boxing: Your Guide to the Sweet Science, Bobby Mayne mentioned in a conversation a few days ago. Indeed, this reminded me, what my coach back in Belarus, Dmitry Pekarchik was telling me from day one: “As long as you hear me, and do what we’ve trained – that is all it matters”.

And here is the thing, when your trainer sincerely cares for you, it means he believes in you. Faith is a very powerful feeling.

Lilian Dikmans vs. Paris Rose ends in draw

Lilian’s fight against Paris was a three round bout at 59 kg catchweight. Since we don’t cut weight, we expected that she wouldn’t be a bigger one on the fight day. Also, the bout proceeded under WA rules where the fighters with less than six (from what I know) bouts of experience are required to wear pads.

And there you go, the Australian model from Melbourne goes inside the ring in her first elbow fight and throws quite a few.

“The Elbow Master” himself, Nathan “Carnage” Corbett told me today that it was “genius” for someone to be able to execute the elbow-strikes in their first bout, especially when their actual career has nothing to do with fighting in the ring.

Misagh Norouzi defeats Jamie Crane by UD

Misagh’s fight against Jamie was his second outing this year, following the return he made in June after two years of lay-off. The bout was scheduled for three rounds at catchweight with the limit of 75 kg, which was also easy to make.

Not as rusty as few months ago he indeed felt much comfortable in the ring. We are in the process of developing a character with an idea to make a statement on the international arena in the near future.

I find the most important for an athlete and a trainer is a complete understanding and trust between the two. We do have this and it is precious.

In conclusion, we are looking to travel to Argentina next year to partake in Simply the Best. As a result, Lilian and Misagh will perhaps become the first to represent Australia at the professional kickboxing event in South America.

We have to work around Lilian’s schedule for modeling. Misagh is likely to fight a few times again here in Australia, in order to gain more experience before hitting the other side of the world.


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