Nathan Carnage Corbett Lion Fight ringside commentator
"Carnage" Nathan Corbett with Barry Tompkins ringside commentators at Lion Fight 50

After spending the past month back in Australia it was time to get back to America and get things moving here again. Only few days after my arrival I was ringside co-commentator of Lion Fight 50 in LA alongside legend sportscaster Barry Tompkins.

The event went live to air on CBS network with 70 million reach capacity, so definitely was a rush when they said action you are now live.

Commentary is something that I was thinking I’d love to do in America amongst other things. So it was great to get my first gig on such a big platform and with a well respected Muay Thai promotion.

There are talks about potential big things for next year with Lion Fight and the network. So fingers crossed 2019 will be a much bigger year in the media side of the sport.

Carnage Muay Thai seminar in Minneapolis and Seattle

I also have a few Carnage Elbow Striking seminars coming up with November 17th at The Cellar Gym in Minneapolis, and December 1st at Combat Arts Academy of Seattle. So keeping the movement all over the USA happening.

With only a couple of months left of 2018, it’s definitely been a year for big change, first of all with moving countries. As the year closes out, I’m looking forward to seeing how the next one opens up, and keeping the Carnage Global brand growing.