Muay thai fighter sustains fatal head injuries
Anucha Thasako / Pic: Facebook

Anucha Thasako, 13, sustained fatal head injuries

A teenage-boy sustained fatal head injuries this past weekend in Thailand. Anucha Thasako, 13, was partaking in a charity Muay Thai bout featured on an anti-drugs campaign held in Samut Prakan Province from November 9 to 11.

Fighting under the name “Phetchmongkol Sor Wilaithong”, he was rushed to the hospital after being knocked out in the third round of 18.6 kg bout (41 lb). According to reports he was diagnosed with a severe intracerebral hemorrhage, and was pronounced dead two days after.

The uncle of Anucha, Damrong Thasako, said that “the grateful boy had been fighting on stage for money to support his own schooling and also to help out with household expenses,” The Nation reported. He started Muay Thai at the of 8, and recorded 170 bouts.

National Legislative Assembly of Thailand (NLA) has reportedly prepared a draft amendment to the 1999 Boxing Act to ban children under 12 from fighting in the ring. The bill supported by medical professionals, is expected to prevent “long-lasting brain injuries” sustained by teenage fighters. It also requires older teenage fighters to wear protective head gear and be formally registered.