Michael Jai White is a prominent actor who has starred in numerous big films. He can also be seen on TV screen, including the current season of Arrow, where he portrays Bronze Tiger, appearing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Stephen Amell and Kirk Acevedo, just to name a couple.

And yet, although being a cinematic fighter, Michael Jai White is a true Martial Artist, highly respected in the fighting circuits. Among everyone, K-1 kickboxing star turned UFC fighter, Gokhan Saki has been one of his training partners.

Michael Jai White: Everyday we sharpening

“I am a nerd with martial arts,” said Michael Jai White on The FightBox Podcast in 2017. “I enjoy training. I try to train with some of the best people, who are at the top of their game” (full interview can be found here).

This week American actor shared a new video in social media, which shows him training with UFC welterweight Ben Saunders (via Twitter).

“Yesterday I had the pleasure of training with UFC fighter Ben Saunders on slide technique (covering distance), while Wiz Khalifa hits mitts in the background. Everyday we sharpening,” he wrote in the caption.

Meanwhile, American rapper Wiz Khalifa has faced Saenchai, the King of Muay Thai himself, (video here), when the latter held a Yokkao seminar at the Unbreakable Performance Center in West Hollywood this past May.