Referee gets KO’d in Muay Thai fight

Max Muay Thai

In combat sports the referee is the third man in the ring (or MMA cage). He is an authority who regulates the bouts from a neutral point of view, aspiring to ensure safety of competitors, while not being directly involved in “punch on”. Nevertheless things happen.

Knockouts is a common thing when it comes to full contact sports, such as Muay Thai.

A video emerged on Twitter from a recent Max Muay Thai event held on Saturday (Nov. 24) in Pattaya. The contest sees Chinese fighter Gou Dakui squaring off against Thai Super x Sitsontidech. The footage shows the culminating moments of a battle which ended in the second round.

After landing right hook, Chinese athlete followed it up with left kick to the head, which landed on the face of the referee. The latter appeared striving to save the Thai fighter from a potential further damage, and was unexpectedly tagged himself.

With both men falling to the canvas, Gou Dakui waited in the neutral corner. The doctor and staff members entered the ring in order to help. Another referee waved the fight off after reaching eight count over Super x Sitsontidech, which declared a knockout victory in favor of Dakui.