Watch UFC 265 Lewis vs Gane live stream
Watch UFC 265 Lewis vs Gane live stream
Watch UFC 265 Lewis vs Gane live stream
Watch UFC 265 Lewis vs Gane live stream
Watch UFC 265 Lewis vs Gane live stream
Watch UFC 265 Lewis vs Gane live stream
Watch UFC 265 Lewis vs Gane live stream
Watch UFC 265 Lewis vs Gane live stream

CREED 2: Historic recurrence of boxing life lessons

Following the premiere in the US on Thanksgiving, boxing drama CREED 2 reached the Australian shores late last month. A knockout picture starring Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson, alongside Sylvester Stallone as legendary Rocky Balboa is a film that can certainly teach us a few lessons.


Creed 2 follows the first movie with Adonis Johnson, who has become a well-known boxer. And yet, the biggest challenge of his life is still ahead.

CREED 2: As real as boxing (includes spoilers)

Not giving too many details of the actual plot, lets stick to boxing. In his first bout in the movie Johnson wins World Boxing Council (WBC) Heavyweight title. Back in April, when the film was being shot, Sylvester Stallone presented a new “King of the Ring”, revealing that “Creed had a great day in the ring”.

He is then set up to face the son of his father’s rival, Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu). Rocky doesn’t really want to see the bout due to reasons connected to the past, including the death of Apollo Creed (portrayed by Carl Weathers in the previous Rocky films).

Johnson however still takes the fight. He is coached by another trainer in the gym dedicated to his father’s legacy.

After the first encounter with Viktor Drago on American soil, Adonis Johnson appears in the hospital, although retaining his belt due to disqualification of his opponent. The rematch is held in Russia and it sees a different fight with Creed taking a knockout win, as well as having Rocky by his side.

What I really liked is a realistic presentation of boxing, combat sport as such. I am not talking about the fight scenes, I am talking about the training and mental preparation in order to take a revenge.

The camp in the desert slightly reminds Muay Thai training in Thailand. Then it is about getting ready to fight a particular opponent in a rematch. This includes learning and improving from the first bout, with an idea to enter the ring for the second time as a completely different fighter.

Partnering with someone whose physicality is alike your opponent is a must among other physical and mental drills involved in a training camp. Believe in yourself, and understanding what you are fighting for is arguably on the top of the bill.

Lastly, there must be a team. As they say “one man, no man”. Adonis “Creed” Johnson has Rocky, while Viktor Drago has his father, Ivan (Dolph Lundgren). Both parties have their own reasons why it is all going down.

There is always a reason. You can also read my review on Southpaw movie (2015) which might make you cry.

Legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer is also CREED 2, as well as Roy Jones Jr., and a number of real people of The Sweet Science.

In addition, as native-Russian speaking I can say that Dolph Lundgren does really well. Portraying Ivan Drago, the Swedish actor and Martial Artist, who lived and studied here in Australia, can also be seen in the fifth season of Arrow where he appears as Russian villain Konstantin Kovar.

It was also quite surprising to see a logo of SuperKombat placed on the corners of the boxing ring which accommodated a final battle between Creed and Drago “juniors”. The Romanian combat sports promotion evolved from LocalKombat created by World Kickboxing Network in 2000s.


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