Carnage Diary: Dustin Barca fight at Bellator MMA Honolulu concludes 2018


Carnage Striking

I finished off 2018 with two Carnage Striking Muay Thai seminars held over the past few weeks, firstly in Minneapolis and then in Seattle. It’s always great to meet new people from all across the country, and now that I’m living in America it’s great to connect with as many gyms as possible.

Both gym owners I met a few months back at a weekend “Trainers Only Seminar”. So it was great to get to work with their teams and home gyms, whilst building the friendships far greater.

Over the past 6 weeks I’ve been working with MMA fighter Dustin Barca from Hawaii. On December 15 he is fighting at the Bellator event in Honolulu.

Working together every week has been really great to be able to see the progress and build and refine a solid foundation. This will be my first MMA fighter that I’ve trained from beginning of camp to fight night. So it’s going to be exciting.

While in Hawaii the pipeline will be pumping, so the best surfers in the world will be there taking on the famous waves of north shore. Something I’ve wanted to see since I was a surfer in my teen years.

2019 is going to be a big year with Carnage Seminars held globally. Many more exciting things are happening and will be released soon.