4 Ways to train Muay Thai at home

For many people the gym is home away from home, but what if you could bring the gym to your home? Wouldn’t that be perfect?

The martial art of Muay Thai is no different. You don’t need to build a martial art arena at home big enough to scare the neighbours. The beauty of training at home is the pure flexibility and versatility that comes with it, together with the complete lack of reliance on fancy gym equipment.

Using the privacy of your own home, try the following workouts to enhance your Muay Thai performance. We all know life can be hectic, but working out at home makes it easy to fit these training regimes into your busy bee lifestyle.

1. Shadow boxing

Shadow boxing in your living room at high intensity is your go to for burning calories, generating force, warming muscles and improving footwork.

Shadow boxing is sparring with yourself using visualisation. This includes throwing punches, kicks and high knees, solid and stable footwork and usually done at high intensity with regular but small rest periods. See below.

2. HIIT workout

Working at maxing intensity for a set amount of time, for example 30 seconds, followed by a short rest period, e.g. 10 seconds is what’s required here. Do this for your chosen exercise at home for 8 to 10 rounds and my word will you then agree a gym is not always needed to give you a good workout.

This principle is a go to way of exercising for many athletes, sports and martial art disciplines. It burns calories fast, enables lean muscle to grow as well as target your endurance levels. You can even do this with weighted exercises as well as your body weight like squats, push ups and skipping!

3. Skipping

Skipping is ideal to develop endurance, speed, footwork and weight management at home. Why not skip with a weighted skipping rope to really target those deeper muscle fibres.

Again this can be done using the HIIT principle which really supports your Muay Thai training regime. Jumping rope or skipping is so versatile; there are so many different intensities and complex movements to learn. When you see it being done at the boxing or Muay Thai gym these guys make it look easy, pick up a rope yourself at home to see what you’re really made of.

4. Muay Thai technique drills

Drills are an essential part of any martial arts training regime, these drills are something you can do at home, anytime. Whether it be shadow boxing mentioned above, tennis ball catching against a very close wall or even touch sparring with a partner.

Typically the moves are repeated in large nubmers and flow freely, with an emphasis on kick catching, timing strikes, blocks and so forth. These are great opportunities to practice and fine tune balance, stability and timing at home in-between your Muay Thai classes.

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