Carnage Diary: Visiting Honolulu, Dustin Barca win at Bellator Hawaii


Honolulu ‘Carnage’

After five weeks of training camp in Newport Beach, California it was time to head to the island of Honolulu, Hawaii for the last preparation of Dustin Barca, and promotion of Bellator MMA event on December 15. On arrival to Hawaii we headed to a ceremony of traditional Hawaiian food held for culture day for the company RVCA.

Being my first time to Hawaii was a treat from the beginning. Then we headed to pipeline on the north shore in which we stayed at the RVCA sponsored house right on the beach, pipeline view each day. We’ve trained at the boars nest to keep things sharp over the weekend, and hanged out with legend surfers from all over the world and some super talented artists.

After four nights it was time to move closer to the venue in Honolulu for final training preparation and media commitments, whilst getting the extra weight off to be bang on weight Friday morning.

The fight card was full of the most talented local fighters and a few international champions also. It was a full house, 6000 people, and a great atmosphere.

Dustin Barca, my fighter, was having his first fight back after a four-plus years lay off. So feeling nervous, but ready to go.

It was the first time I had the opportunity to train one fighter for the full 6 weeks prep. So I was excited and nervous myself.

The fight was a three-round battle with Dustin getting the judges decision and a very well earned win.

It was a great experience to visit Hawaii and to be able to help lead my brother to his win. Thank you RVCA sport for assisting in the trip and Dustin for being a great student and friend.