Creed 2 makes China debut
Creed 2 makes China debut / Pic: Facebook @creedmovie

CREED II China release date set for Jan. 4

Boxing drama Creed II premiered in the US on Thanksgiving. The following week it reached the Australian shores, as well as a number of cities across the World.

On January 4 the sequel to 2015 film hits China. The happening marks the first time, when Rocky films can be watched on the silver screen in mainland theaters.

“This is wonderful. It took 42 1/2 years but the wait has been worth it!… Thanks to China and it’s film community and fans! Hopefully they can start from the very beginning SO IT IS EASY TO FOLLOW [sic],” Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone captioned an image on Instagram Tuesday (AEDT).

Creed II follows the first movie with Adonis Johnson [Michael B. Jordan], who has become a well-known boxer. And yet, the biggest challenge of his life is when he faces Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu). The latter is the son of his father’s rival Ivan Drago [Dolph Lundgren].

“Creed II brings one of the most iconic movie franchises to China cinema for the first time,” said MGM executive VP Jose Gutierrez, Variety reported.

The first Creed movie generated $173 USD million (approx. $245 AUD) global box office total. The second film is yet to overcome its predecessor, reportedly bringing to date around $134 USD mil (approx. $189 AUD). However with the power of Chinese market it has potential to break the records of Rocky franchise.