Former kickboxing champion, 68, attacked, mugger TKO’d

Steve Shepherd defeated eight kickboxing world champion in five different weight classes

With a pulled muscle in his leg Steve Shepherd was limping to his car last week in West Palm Beach, Florida, when a mugger hit him in the head with a bottle and punched in the face near his left eye, The Palm Beach Post reported. Although 68-year-old was dazed he fought back.

According to The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office CCTV shows that the mugger in his 20’s with long, dark hair, was allegedly seeking a victim for hours. Yet he picked the wrong guy.

Shepherd said that the man tried to steal his phone prior being fought back with right cross to the head which was followed by hook to the ribs. Bystanders believed that the pair was involved in a street fight and tried to break it up, which allowed the mugger to escape, former kickboxing champion Shepherd said. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is still reportedly searching for the man involved in the attack.

Steve Shepherd (50-5, 1 NC, 27 KOs) is the former five-time kickboxing World Champion in Full Contact. Over the course of his fighting career (1975-1999) he defeated eight world champions from five different weight classes taking PKA, WKA and ISKA belts.

His resume includes the wins against his famed American-fellow Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Japanese Yasuo Tabata, Australian Dave Hedgecock, among others. The Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Famer since 1982, Shepherd has been also known as a major kickboxing event promoter in the State of Florida, drawing over $1 million in live gate receipts.