WKN schedules events in Scotland and Italy

The World Kickboxing Network announced a series of international events scheduled in Scotland and Italy over the course of 2019. The announcement follows a set of shows in Malta, Spain and Argentina, which the organization added to the event calendar earlier this week.

“Three WKN championship events have been scheduled for 2019 in Scotland. Presented by Albert Ross of Satorishido Martial Arts, the shows will be held during the year featuring the A-list representatives of the country-host as well as international competitors battling it out for WKN titles,” reads the announcement Friday.

The scheduled events in Scotland follow “Against the Ropes Fight Night” held last July in Fraserburgh.

“Six WKN championship bouts will be promoted in Italy over the course of 2019. Organized by Riccardo Lecca of Invictus Arena, the world-class kickboxing promotions will as well feature local and international competitors in a series of title fights.”

Italy is a country-host of a recent World Kickboxing Network Grand Prix held in the city-capital, Rome mid last month.

The dates, locations and fight cards are expected to be announced in the coming weeks. The updated WKN event calendar 2019 can be found below.

January 5, Zawiercie, Poland: Jurassic Fights
February 2, Les Mureaux, France: Muay Thai Attitude 7
February 22, Bratislava, Slovakia: Fight for Bratislava
February 23, Belfast, Northern Ireland: ProKick Stormont Hotel
March 16, Villejuif, France: Benjamin Gerbet vs. TBA
April 27, Orchies, France: Fighting Edition 2
TBA, Malta
TBA, Argentina
TBA, Scotland
TBA, Italy