Female Muay Thai Fight Leagues makes successful debut
Female Fight League makes its debut in Pattaya, Thailand / Pic: Supplied

Female Fight League makes successful debut

The first edition of Female Fight League (FFL) was held this past Sunday (Jan. 20) in Pattaya, Thailand. Muay Thai event took place at Bone club featuring a series of women’s bouts dedicated to memory of late Hongkaw Mor. Ratjaphatmoobanchombueng.

The roster included female Muay Thai fighters from 52 to 55 kg. The contests went ahead at three by three minute rounds.

On the top of the bill Yayoi Team Thai-Yo scored a unanimous decision against Nong Nea Sor. Sanram. Also on the card Huongthong Liengprasert similarly defeated Katya Phuket Top Team, and Souris Lookyamo stopped Petchsaifha Sor. Samai in the first round. The complete results can be found below.

“It was amazing,” promoter Jade Sirisompan told fightmag.com.au after the event. “The show exceeded our expectations. The match ups were awesome and the show ran smoothly. Big thank you to all attendees, our sponsors and Maya Tajai, who helped me organize the event.”

Yayoi Team Thai-Yo def. Nong Nea Sor. Sanram by decision
Huongthong Liengprasert def. Katya Phuket Top Team by decision
Naoprajan Luksaikongdin def. KC Pinay Fight Phuket Top Team by decision
Little Tiger Team Thai-Yo def. Aydaa Luksaikongdin by decision
Souris Lookyamo def. Petchsaifha Sor. Samai by TKO R1