World Kickboxing Network returns to New Zealand

World Kickboxing Network returns to New Zealand
World Kickboxing Network Championship belt / Pic: Facebook

WKN New Zealand

The World Kickboxing Network returns to New Zealand with two events scheduled for 2019, the organization announced Monday. Taking place in Auckland, the events are presented by Vahid Unesi of Kings Academy.

“The first event is held on July 13. WKN Amateur Open Tournament will feature a series of kickboxing and MMA bouts. The second event is scheduled for November. Senior and junior competitors will showcase their skills at WKN Amateur World Cup 2019,” reads the announcement.

Previously, World Kickboxing Network held the events in New Zealand presented by Lolo Heimuli. The first championship bouts in South Pacific region were organized in 2000 featuring the fighters of the United Kingdom battling it out against the representatives of the country-host.

The man with the golden elbows, Nathan “Carnage” Corbett is featured on the list of notable WKN champions. New Zealand-born Australian fighter earned WKN Heavyweight Muay Thai title in September 2010, which he successfully defended three times.

More information is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.