Carnage Diary: Karate Combat event in Hollywood


Mid last week Hollywood was the venue for a new age Karate tournament system, where the fighters enter the pit to battle it out for victory.

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a straight out Karate style fight. I guess, you can say probably since I was in my early 20’s, which was not long after my retirement to pursue a career in Muay Thai.

I started Karate at the age of 14 and within the 6 years of training I reached 2nd degree black belt. Over those years I fought many national and international tournaments, so I could say I have seen it at the top level.

The Karate Combat event in Hollywood presented a full contact fight system with take downs and ground strikes for a short time, before standing the fighters back up to start again. What we saw was a very fast-paced fighting action with all fighters going for the knockout.

Karate is a very traditional based martial art and has its own unique style of fighters. The fighters would wear their Gi pants and Belt, with no top for men and sports top for women. They fight in MMA style of gloves to allow it as close to no-glove fighting as traditional for Karate.

The show was a video tech style of event with graphics almost like a computer game. So anyone watching live would have a great experience throughout the event. The VIP guests were up close and personal watching the action go down.

The promotion is a new age in Karate tournaments. It gives the world of practitioners a great place to test their skills.