Belarus to host IFMA Muay Thai European Championships 2019


This year IFMA European Championship comes to Belarus. Prestigious Muay Thai event takes place in the capital of the country, Minsk from November 4 to November 10. The competition was initially scheduled to be held in Spanish city Marbella. A new location was announced this week.

“The European Championships was awarded to Minsk with around 40 countries expected to participate. The event is co-signed by the Ministry of Sport. General Yuriy Karaev who is the Chairman of the Belarus Muaythai Federation stated that Belarus is proud to again gain the trust of IFMA executives and will do their utmost best together with the government and the federation to deliver a world class event,” International Federation of Muaythai Amateur reported.

Minsk was also a host of IFMA World Championships 2017 when almost 700 athletes battled it out for medals. The list of prominent Muay Thai fighters from Belarus includes Dmitry Valent, Vitaly Gurkov, Andrei Kulebin, Ekaterina Vandaryeva, among others.

Arafura Games 2019 opens the official Muay Thai programme for the season. The event is held in Darwin, Australia from April 26 to May 4.

IFMA World Championship 2019 takes place in Bangkok in July. The event marks the return of premier Muay Thai competition to its birth place, Thailand with up to 100 nations expected to participate.