Daniel Radutu vs. Jousef Nonni for WKN Italian Super Welterweight title at the Legione event in Milan
WKN Italian Super Welterweight tournament: Jousef Nonni in the semi-final bout against Michele Mazzola at Ringmania 6 / Pic: Facebook / Ironitro

LEGIONE: Daniel Radutu vs. Jousef Nonni for WKN Italian Super Welterweight title

The World Kickboxing Network announced its third visit to Italy this year scheduled for May 11. The event billed as “Legione” (Roman legion) takes place in Milan featuring a pair of super welterweights Daniel Radutu and Jousef Nonni. The pair battles it out for WKN Italian national title.

Both athletes took part at Ringmania 6 held in Pero this past February. The event featured the semi-final bouts of WKN Italian Super Welterweight Tournament.

The representative of CSKB Rogno Daniel Radatu earned a unanimous decision against Nicola Torre. Jousef Nonni of Team Abourchid defeated Michele Mazzola also by a unanimous decision.

Radatu and Nonni now square off in the finale of the tournament. The championship bout is scheduled for five rounds in oriental kickboxing (K-1 rules).

The promoters of “Legione” are Gong Mong Chang and Alessandro Piavani of WKAFL. The event precedes “The Night of Super Fight 7” scheduled for July 6 in Iglesias, which marks the return of kickboxing world championship to a large Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia with Nicola Canu battling it out for a prestigious belt.

Super Welterweight Daniel Radutu vs. Jousef Nonni