Lilian Dikmans puts on Muay Thai clinic in Ford ‘Like You Mean It’ series

The first Australian model to partake in Muay Thai bouts, Lilian Dikmans (3-0-1) keeps helping popularize “The Art of Eight Limbs”. Following the “Ford Focus ST-Line” TV commercial released early this year, she stars in four-part “Like You Meant It” series. The show hit the stream this week featuring the cast members, “as they jump in an All-New Focus and immerse each other into their respective worlds” (via YouTube).


The first episode, billed as “Train Like You Mean It” covers the Melbourne-born beauty joined by three Australian top guns, such as world champion surfer Harley Ingleby, DJ Tigerlily, and motivational speaker and podcaster Matt Purcell. Dikmans takes the team to the gym where she puts on a display of Muay Thai techniques and tells her story of stepping inside the boxing ring. Kicks, punches, knees and elbows… it all comes into action.

Yet, although not aspiring to a career of a world champion in Muay Thai, being a model Lilian Dikmans is, hands down, passionate about the sport of several hundred year history, that teaches discipline and respect. She joins the list of personalities from the entertainment industry, that has recently seen actor turned fighter, Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting, Elementary), making a knockout Muay Thai debut.

The following episodes are titled as Live, Ride and Mix. The complete series is available on YouTube.


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