Badr Hari receives 19-month suspension
Badr Hari | Pic: James Law, GLORY Sports International

A number of fighters sanctioned for breach of GLORY Kickboxing anti-doping regulations

Badr Hari won’t be seen inside the ring any time soon. Well, at least for the next six months. Moroccan kickboxer received “a 19-month suspension after tests on samples provided at GLORY 51 Rotterdam indicated a violation of Doping Autoriteit Netherlands [DAN] rules regarding prohibited substances for competitive athletes,” reads the statement published on the official website of GLORY Kickboxing.

GLORY 51 was held in Rotterdam, Netherlands last March. Hari headlined the event scoring a unanimous decision against fellow-heavyweight Hesdy Gerges. The latter “was also issued with an official reprimand by DAN, but has denied any violation and has publicly indicated that he is contesting the proposed reprimand.”

The statement also includes Brazilian light-heavyweight Ariel Machado who received 20 months suspension. Former light heavyweight title challenger tested positive “for banned substances at GLORY 47 Lyon, where he challenged reigning champion Artem Vakhitov”.

In addition, former heavyweight title challenger Mladen Brestovac of Croatia “has been issued with an official reprimand based on samples taken at GLORY 54 [Birmingham]” in June 2018, when he went up against Rico Verhoeven who retained his belt by a unanimous decision.

“All tests were undertaken by Doping Autoriteit Netherlands (DAN), with sanctions then determined by the Instituut Sportrechtspraak (ISR), the Netherlands’ national sporting authority.”

Suspensions commence immediately from the date of the positive test notification being made to GLORY. Machado’s suspension has a commencement date of December 21, 2017. Hari’s suspension has a commencement date of May 7, 2018.