Lilian Dikmans at Evolution Muay Thai New York City
Lilian Dikmans at the Evolution Muay Thai gym in New York City

Earlier this month, I spent a week in New York City. I was there on a shoot with makeup brand Maybelline, so most of my time was spent working.

If you follow my Instagram, I shared some behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot locations around Manhattan and Brooklyn. They were all pretty spectacular. I’m looking forward to sharing the final product soon.

Muay Thai New York

Despite the busy schedule, I did get some time off and wanted to train. So I visited Evolution Muay Thai, which was established by fellow Australian Brandon Levi. I discovered the gym after writing a piece on British born actor Jonny Lee Miller, who trains there.

The gym is located on West 27th Street, not far from Madison Square Park and the iconic triangular Flatiron Building. Brandon and the gym members were all super welcoming and friendly, creating a positive training atmosphere. As a side note, I always find that training is a great way to get over jet lag. If you’re able to push through, it keeps you awake and then you’ll sleep a lot better afterwards.

After training, I enjoyed going for a walk before heading back to my hotel. Hu Kitchen on Fifth Avenue is a 15-minute walk from the gym, which is one of my favourite places in NYC to get quick and healthy food. You can build your own bowls there, with things like leafy greens, quinoa, a variety of seasonal vegetables and organic and grass-fed meats. It’s a pretty good option after training.