Craig Coakley vs Singdam headlines Yokkao Dublin
Craig Coakley takes on Singdam Yokkao Saenchaigym for WBC Super Lightweight Diamond title | Pic: Facebook

For the first time in Yokkao’s history, the promotion are taking their main show to Ireland. On July 27th, Yokkao 41-42 takes place in Dublin.

Local fighter Craig Coakley will headline the Muay  Thai event against Singdam Kiatmuu9 for the coveted WBC Super Lightweight Diamond title. The winner is looking to become the 3rd man to hold the title alongside legends Buakaw Banchamek and Saenchai.

Coakley has built a reputation as one of Europe’s most exciting fighters, winning by some highlight real knock outs on Yokkao’s UK shows.

Singdam is one of the worlds most experienced Muay Thai fighters, having competed for 26 years and 343 fights behind him.

Craig Coakley: “Dublin makes it a lot more special”

I caught up with Craig Coakley to discuss what it means to him.

“It’s a great opportunity for me,” Coakley said. “I know a lot of people will write me off in this fight, but that’s only going to make me more dangerous and the fact it’s in Dublin makes it a lot more special.”

Sometimes fighters take on opponents they don’t know too much about, this won’t be the case when Coakley faces Singdam.

“I know too much of my opponent. I’ve been watching him since I started Muay Thai. He’s one of the greats of Muay Thai. It will be an honour to fight him.” He explained.

In preparation for his biggest fight to date, Craig is preparing for the fight in Thailand, hoping to pick up some extra tips. He said, “This will be my first trip to Thailand I think it will help a lot just to learn some new stuff and be able to solely focus on training have no distractions.”

Ciakley believes a fight of this magnitude in Ireland will take the sport to new heights.

“There’s already a decent bit of exposure in Ireland, but I think this fight will push it to a new level because of the stakes. Hometown boy fighting one of the greats for the most prestigious title. It’s definitely sellable.”

Why did Coakley take up the sport to begin with?

“I’ve always been interested in combat,” he explained. “I’ve always liked fighting but it wasn’t until I actually gained a lot of weight that I tried Muay Thai, found out I was good at it and the rest is history.”