Muay Thai training in Melbourne

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Following the move to Melbourne, I am back on tools. We are talking Muay Thai training here, not about pressing buttons on the keyboard. FIGHTMAG newsline never stops, thanks to all the contributors.

The city, known as Australian capital of kickboxing, has indeed quite a few training spots all around. Yet, it is a big place, so finding the right location, that would actually work, might be a bit tricky.

By saying “work”, I mostly have two things in mind. One is that for fighting – a caring Thai trainer is a must. Two, is the freedom of doing your thing.

From what I was told there was only one or two authentic Muay Thai coaches over here, and they were not really local, which is unfortunate. As well, every gym has its own way and procedure, which is understandable.

After Lilian Dikmans (3-0-1) returned from New York, we stuck to the core plan. We hit the gym in Melbourne CBD, called “Fight Club”. It works.

The featured video is a “warm up” training filmed last week. It features pad work and some partner drills.

Following her bout late last year, we’ve had a journey to Argentina in mind. Not forgetting Misagh Norouzi (6-2), we are also looking at options for him fighting here in Melbourne. A trip to New Zealand in November is also on the cards. This is when Greg Tony and “Bigfoot” Silva headline WKN event in Auckland in kickboxing matchup.

As always, the timing must be right, as well as they say, the money. More videos to come. And yep, the camera stays on.

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In addition, for those who have just started their adventure in “The Art of Eight Limbs”, my blog covering Muay Thai training tips for beginners and first-time fighters might be helpful. In addition, last year we have filmed several videos dedicated to training techniques which can be found on YouTube.