GLORY: Who should be the next opponent of Badr Hari

Badr Hari signs 6-fight deal with GLORY Kickboxing

Earlier this week GLORY Kickboxing announced that Dutch-Moroccan heavyweight Badr Hari signed a three-year contract with the promotion. The fighter himself confirmed the deal revealing in social media that a total of six bouts have been agreed.


“Dear Fans, I promised that 2019 will be ours. Today I announce you that I signed a multiple fight (6) contract with Glory. Now it’s time to regain the crown,” reads the caption on Instagram.

Following the announcement the promotion shared a photo of Hari asking the fans who should he face in his next outing (via Twitter).

The reigning GLORY Heavyweight champion is Rico Verhoeven. Hands down, he is the one the fans want to see facing Hari in a rematch.

Yet, talking a six-fight deal let’s have a look at the whole roster. According to the promotion’s website, the current (as of writing) Top 10 looks as the following:

  1. Jamal Ben Saddik
  2. Benjamin Adegbuyi
  3. Jahfarr Wilnis
  4. Junior Tafa
  5. D’Angelo Marshall
  6. Tomas Mozny
  7. Arkadiusz Wrzosek
  8. Mohamed Abdallah
  9. Roel Mannaart
  10. Daniel Skvor

Ranked N.6 “Slovakian Giant” Tomas Mozny is a potential competitor for Hari in his comeback. We also have ranked N.4 Australian Junior Tafa who returns to action next weekend at GLORY 65 Utrecht. Top 3 features Jamal Ben Saddik, Benjamin Adegbuyi and Jahfarr Wilnis.

Some of the fans on Facebook suggested Zabit Samedov to meet Hari for the fourth time. Their current score is 2-1 in favor of Hari. Yet, Samedov won the most recent bout, which was quite a while ago, mid 2013. As well, Azerbaijani kickboxer is not signed with GLORY.

In addition, there is a few other heavyweight competitors on the list and the ranks can change. The promotion has recently signed German Michael Smolik.

We won’t though witness the blockbuster matchups with Remy Bonjasky, Alistair Overeem or Peter Aerts, for example. This is due to obvious reasons.

You are welcome to drop a thought in a comment section below. Who Badr Hari’s next opponent should be?


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  1. Adegbuyi I think followed by Junior Tafa and then Rico. Funnily enough I’m wearing my Glory Collision RICO v BADR T-shirt today.

  2. Jamal bensaddik is defenatly dengerous is kept training in silence and wond the glory tournement against adegbuyi. I think the rematch with Rico will take place sometime in 2020

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