WKN title on the line in Shumen, Bulgaria
WKN title is on the line in Shumen, Bulgaria

The WKN has added a new show to its calendar. The event billed as “Savages Kickboxing” is held on July 6 in Shumen, the tenth largest city in Bulgaria. The happening marks the first visit of prestigious sports organization to the country this year, following two Girl Power series produced in 2018 in Stara Zagora and Sunny Beach.

The upcoming event is headlined by WKN International championship bout featuring Bulgarian welterweight Rangel Ivanov. The second title challenger is yet to be named.

“The representative of the country-host Rangel Ivanov is set challenge for WKN International Welterweight title battling it out in the headliner of the show. The name of his opponent will be announced shortly,” reads the announcement on Thursday.

The resume of Ivanov includes the bouts against Stefan Nikolic, Amansio Paraschiv, Adrian Mitu, among others. More information is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Welterweight Rangel Ivanov vs. TBA