Girl Power Kickboxing comes to Poland
Girl Power Kickboxing comes to Poland | Pic: Facebook / Czech Fighters

Girl Power Kickboxing comes to Poland on June 7 with Episode 8 produced at Hala sportowa Lagisza in Bedzin. The event features eight international featherweights battling it out in the format of knockout tournament with WKN championship belt at stake. To win the contest the contender has to collect three victories during one evening going through quarter-final, semi-final and final.

Girl Power 8 was initially scheduled for February. On Saturday World Kickboxing Network announced a new date (via Twitter), making its third visit to Poland this year. It is also a debut of women’s kickboxing tournament in the country, following the previous show produced last October in Czech city Kladno.

Five out of eight participants of Girl Power 8 Bedzin have been announced to date. The roster includes Slovakian Andrea Tothova, Maltese Diane Schembri, Italian Vittoria Di Mauro and two representatives of the country-host Katarzyna Jaworska and Wiktoria Mirecka. The names of three other competitors, representing Ukraine, Belarus and Poland, are expected to be announced shortly.

Mirecka and Schembri make their second attempt to win the tournament. Both fighters took part in the previous contest, yet were eliminated in the quarter-final and in semi-final bouts, respectively. Tothova, Di Mauro and Jaworska make their series debut.

Launched in 2014 in Liepaja, Latvia, Girl Power Kickboxing follows the steps of its big brother Bigger’s Better, a series of heavyweight boxing tournaments produced in 2010-2013 throughout Europe live on Eurosport. Notably, the pilot of Girl Power series marked the debut of boxing Hall of Fame referee Steve Smoger officiating kickboxing bouts.

The current lineup of the upcoming show can be found below.

Girl Power 8 Bedzin

Andrea Tothova (Slovakia)
Diane Schembri (Malta)
Vittoria Di Mauro (Italy)
Katarzyna Jaworska (Poland)
Wiktoria Mirecka (Poland)
TBA (Poland)
TBA (Belarus)
TBA (Ukraine)