Girl Power 8 Bedzin lineup finalised
Girl Power 8 features the eight-woman international kickboxing tournament in Bedzin, Poland | Pic: CzechFighters

Girl Power 8 is the women’s kickboxing tournament held on June 7 in Bedzin, Poland. To win the contest and take prestigious WKN belt, the contender has to collect three victories during one evening in a format of eliminator, going through quarter-final, semi-final and final.

Five out of eight participants have been announced last week. On Saturday World Kickboxing Network presented a finalized lineup of the upcoming show (via Twitter). The roster includes four representatives of the country-host, two Italian fighters, a kickboxer from Malta, and a competitor from Ukraine.

Poland’s Karolina Mlynik replaced previously announced Andrea Tothova of Slovakia. The local fighter is known for her battles against Luisa Gullotti, Ewelina Chmiel, among others.

Barbara Nalepka is a newly added representative of Poland. In addition to kickboxing she holds the 4-4 record in MMA including the victories against Katarzyna Urban, Marzena Horoszko, to name a couple.

Marika Pagliaroli is the second representative of Italy. Over the course of her career she faced the likes of Viktoria Korkoshko, Voglino Bianca, and others.

The winner of Ukrainian Kickboxing Cup Olga Gavrish joins Girl Power 8 completing the roster of eight-woman eliminator.

The tournament draw is conducted at the official weigh-in ceremony a day before the fight show. The finalized lineup for Girl Power 8 Bedzin can be found below. The co-promoter of the event is “Superkick” Cezary Podraza.

Girl Power 8 Bedzin

Karolina Mlynik (Poland)
Barbara Nalepka (Poland)
Wiktoria Mirecka (Poland)
Katarzyna Jaworska (Poland)
Vittoria Di Mauro (Italy)
Marika Pagliaroli (Italy)
Diane Schembri (Malta)
Olga Gavrish (Ukraine)