Real Food Healthy Body: Lilian Dikmans Behind the Scenes

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There is a well-known quote that “a talented person is talented in everything”. Lilian Dikmans, who has become the first Australian model to simultaneously compete in Muay Thai, no doubt, meets the criteria. Yet, here we are not talking about the lights and glamour in combination with combat sports. Today’s feature is about Real Food Healthy Body created by Dikmans – University of Melbourne alumni, who holds Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce.


The third episode of Behind the Scenes with Lilian Dikmans features some of the highlight moments making gluten-free and dairy-free Pumpkin Pancakes from Real Food Healthy Body. “RFHB” is a website launched over five years ago that shares simple recipes with real food ingredients, including weeknight meals, snacks, healthier desserts and more.

The Pumpkin Pancake recipe can be found here. The full video can be found below.

We are what we eat. Melbourne-born Dikmans has previously shared how she fuels herself, which complements her training routing in a sport of choice, Muay Thai.

One can saying that proper food and workouts are, hands down, the A-list requirements to keep your body (and mind) in shape for such profession as being a model.

“I have to make sure that I eat well to keep up with my modelling work and Muay Thai training. However, even if you have a more sedentary lifestyle, the food we eat is so important for a healthy body and general well-being,” Dikmans wrote.

The previous clip billed as “Fight Club” features Lilian Dikmans in her basic Muay Thai training routine, which includes shadowboxing, padwork, sparring and everything in between. The video can be found found below.


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