Souris Manfredi faces Eh Yanut at WLC: King of Nine Limbs
Souris Manfredi (pictured) faces Eh Yanut at WLC: King of Nine Limbs

On August 2, Souris Manfredi will make a lifelong dream come true when she gets to fight in the biggest show of her fledgling career at World Lethwei Championship’s ninth event, titled WLC: King of Nine Limbs. For Manfredi, this was the culmination of a career that saw her leave her hometown of Besancon, France, to travel to pursue her martial arts dream.

Having won multiple titles in kickboxing and Muay Thai in France, Manfredi knew she had to leave if she wanted to make combat sports her full-time career. With that in mind, she relocated to Thailand to focus on Muay Thai. She found relative success in the world of muay thai, but it was the world of lethwei that beckons with her first major opportunity.

World Lethwei Championship, the world’s biggest bareknuckle fighting organisation, announced in May the launch of a women’s division, with the goal of giving female fighters more opportunity to compete on the global stage. Manfredi was earmarked from the start to be a pioneer of this project, which she was very excited about.

“This is the goal I’ve been dreaming of. When World Lethwei Championship called, I said yes right away and to be the first fight in the women’s division is a fantastic honor and I want to do the best I can to show that they made the right choice in backing me.”

Her opponent for her debut will be Eh Yanut, a Khmer boxing champion who comes from a family of khmer boxing legend. For Manfredi, there is no better opponent she would rather face.

“I like this matchup I think I can defeat her. She is very famous in Cambodia so it will help give this fight a bigger profile. I’ll showcase what I’ve learnt and put on a good fight for all the lethwei fans and people watching all over the world.”

WLC: King of Nine Limbs takes place from Mandalay, Myanmar on 2 August, beginning at 6.30 pm (local time) on UFC Fight Pass and Canal+.