Prokick: Johnny Smith vs Lee Ji Hoon
Prokick 'Back at the Clayton' - Lee Ji Hoon and Johnny Smith at the weigh-ins

Prokick: Back at the Clayton 2019

Johnny “Swift” Smith of Northern Ireland faces Lee Ji Hoon of South Korea tonight (June 23) in Belfast. The pair tops the “Prokick: Back at the Clayton” event, which marks the second visit of World Kickboxing Network to the country this year.

The contest has been scheduled for WKN Intercontinental title at welterweight (-69.9 kg). Yet, it is only Smith who is eligible to claim the strap if victorious, following the weigh-in results conducted a day before the fight show.

The representative of the country-host, Smith tipped the scales “exactly on weight,” reported. The Korean kickboxer Ji Hoon Lee, who arrived to Belfast on Wednesday, showed 72.8 kg at the official weigh-ins on Saturday.

The scheduled for five rounds bout remains on the top of the fight card as scheduled. However, Lee, if victorious, “will not lift the belt”.

The rest of the card includes a series of amateur bouts with local and international competitors. The lineup can be found below.

Main Event
Catchweight (72.8 kg) Johnny Smith vs. Lee Ji Hoon
Originally Welterweight for WKN Intercontinental title. Lee Ji Hoon couldn’t make weight. Only Smith is eligible for the title, if victorious.

Main card
75 kg Salman Shariati vs. Eric McCormack
66 kg Mickey Shield vs. Aubrey Tarr
58 kg Jay Snodden vs. Raafat Kojok
56 kg Grace Goody vs. Molly Concannon
64 kg Alex Ekhtiyari vs. Gary Fraser

63 kg James Braniff vs. Ryan Wallace
65 kg Shane Weir vs. Cathal Dunne
58 kg Adam Braniff vs. Dylan Murphy
80 kg Reza Davies vs. David McCormack
100 kg Jonathan McIlveen vs. Stuart Hacket
82 kg Saeed Moradi vs. Eamon Boland