IFMA Muay Thai World Championships 2019 Bangkok
Suppachai Muensang aka Superbon represents Team Thailand at IFMA Muay Thai World Championships 2019 | Pic: Facebook

IFMA Muay Thai Worlds 2019: Ten Days to Go

This year a prestigious competition in amateur Muay Thai, IFMA World Championships, takes place at the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) from July 19 to July 29. The ten-day sporting fiesta is expected to see hundreds of international competitors going through the ropes aspiring to claim Gold. In addition the event is the following qualifying tournament for The World Games 2021 in Birmingham, USA.

Following the opening ceremony, weigh-ins, official tournament draw, and other organizing activities, the time comes for the actual bouts that will be reportedly contested across three rings. The roster of the event includes both, male and female divisions with the athletes competing in their respective weight classes.

To win the championship a participant has to go through the opening round, quarter-final, semi-final and final (depending on the quantity of participating athletes). The format follows the Olympic system: a single-elimination tournament.

The upcoming event marks a return of World Muay Thai Championship to Thailand in three years, following the previous country-hosts: Mexico, Belarus and Sweden. It is also the first time when the tournament is held at the Sports Authority of Thailand, the heart of Olympic movement of Thailand.

“Muaythai will be showcased at the sites where Thai teams prepare for the Olympic event, and we hope that one day Muaythai athletes will join the Olympic delegation for the most prestigious games in the world – Olympics,” reads the message from IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan.

The likes of famed Muay Thai fighters Superbon Banchamek and Chommanee Sor Taehiran are expected to represent Team Thailand.

Team Australia traditionally brings a large delegation to the event. Rhyse Saliba, Damien Nelson, Alicia Pestana have been announced (via Facebook) as the representatives of Green and Gold.