Fight for Glory: Antonio Campoy takes on Daniel Ghercioiu for WKN European Lightweight Kickboxing title
Fight for Glory: Antonio Campoy (pictured) takes on Daniel Ghercioiu for WKN European Lightweight Kickboxing title

Fight for Glory: Campoy vs. Ghercioiu

Following four championship events that World Kickboxing Network presented last weekend in Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria and Argentina, the organization returns to Spain with a trio of title bouts held this coming Saturday (July 13) in Catalonia. Presented by Jordi Calvet Guillen, the event is billed as “Fight for Glory: WKN International Edition” taking place at Pabellon de Llefia in Badalona, live on Canal+.

In the main event Antonio Campoy of Spain takes on Daniel Ghercioiu of Italy. The pair battles it out for WKN European Lightweight Kickboxing title. The championship bout is scheduled for five rounds.

In the co-main event Khyzer Hayat faces his Spanish-fellow Jose Quevedo. The contest is also scheduled for five rounds with WKN Spanish Lightweight Muay Thai title on the line.

In addition, Genis Salas meets Farah Silva in the WKN Spanish Lightweight Kickboxing championship.

“We are happy to be back to Spain, the country, where many champions were born, including Chinto Mordillo, Javier Moya, Amadeo Pena, César Córdoba, Juanito Garcia, Manolo Planas, Jordi Calvet. Now it’s the new generation of talent, excellent young athletes, full of energy, aspiring to become stars,” said President of World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera.

“The ‘Fight for Glory’ event in Badalona, Catalonia will be broadcast on Canal Plus with the rising stars Antonio Campoy and Daniel Ghercioiu contesting for WKN European Lightweight title. We are looking forward to a spectacular show, and also already working on a new deal in Madrid.”

The three-fight championship card follows the undercard comprising fifteen matchups with local and international competitors participating. The complete lineup for Fight for Glory can be found below.

Main card
WKN European Lightweight Kickboxing title
Antonio Campoy vs. Daniel Ghercioiu

WKN Spanish Lightweight Muay Thai title
Khyzer Hayat vs. Jose Quevedo

WKN Spanish Lightweight Kickboxing title
Genis Salas vs. Farah Silva

72.5 kg Hamza Rami vs. Carlos Arias
68 kg Nacho Menem vs. Andrei Illich
59 kg Xavier Flotats vs. Wassin Em Melari
60 kg Jordi Querol vs. Loisi Fabio
60 kg Mehdi Jraifi vs. Samir Andres Hamani
70-71 kg Georgi Kavelashvili vs. Fuad Taibi
57 kg Marc Caparros vs. Lucas Zucaro
57 kg Claude Limazzi vs. Juan Rubio
68 kg Dani Martinez vs. Matthan Choinard
63 kg Mohammed Afitou vs. Nicolas Pedretti
60 kg Edouard Broev vs. Javier Delgado
72 kg Kellian Vinas vs. Yasser
73 kg Sergio Ovejero vs. Dylan Antoine
64 kg Dani Marin vs. Mounier Mrah
47 kg Alex Nevado vs. Sandro Spica (Juniors)