Antonio Campoy executes spinning superkick
Antonio Campoy executes spinning superkick in WKN European Lightweight title fight against Daniel Ghercioiu at Fight for Glory in Badalona, Spain | Pic: Glòria Marfil Blay

We are all familiar and basically used to a spectacular performance of Muay Thai star Saenchai executing his trademark, cartwheel kick, practically in every bout. Here is, arguably, a never seen before extravaganza from the European kickboxing scene with Spanish Antonio Campoy performing a superkick.

Campoy challenged Italian Daniel Ghercioiu for WKN European Lightweight title last weekend at “Fight for Glory” in Badalona, Spain. The championship bout went a five-round distance and ended in favor of the representative of the country-host, who earned a unanimous decision.

It was a true all-round kickboxing battle showcasing kicks, punches, and everything in between, including axe kicks, flying knee strikes, spinning kicks and more.

For those who missed the event on Canal+, a set of headline-bout photos has been shared early this week. In addition, a short highlight reel from betevé hit the stream this week featuring some of the interesting moments from the event (below).

The opening sees Campoy throwing a roundhouse from the right. Ghercioiu ducks and successfully avoids the hit. Yet, crafty Spaniard spins and sends his left leg flying, one can say a la JCVD, and perfectly lands the heel on the face of his opponent.

Although it didn’t knock strong Italian out, it was definitely something deserving the thumbs up.

Indeed, protect yourself at all times. Although the first hit can be quite easily avoided, there always might be the second one coming.

The superkick by Antonio Campoy in slow motion can be found below.