IFMA Muay Thai World Champions 2019 crowned

Zoe Putorak Australian Champion at IFMA Worlds in Bangkok

IFMA Muay Thai World Championships 2019 took place at the Sports Authority of Thailand in Bangkok from July 19 to July 29. The sporting fiesta featured international competitors battling it out for medals in the Olympic-system tournament. The last day of competition saw the final round in both male and female classes.


Team Australia has had three of its female competitors going through the ropes, aspiring to claim Gold. Among the bouts, Jessie-Lee Charles dropped the 30-27 decision against Viktoriia Zhbankova of Russia, who became a champion in the 75 kg class. Tessa Kakkonen of Finland was scheduled to face Sze Sze Rowlinson in the 48 kg division, yet the fight reportedly didn’t go ahead and she was awarded gold medal “via walkover,” Inside The Games reported.

Zoe Putorak earned Gold for Australia in the 63.5 kg class. After three rounds of women’s Muay Thai battle against Angela Whitley of the United States, the 19-year-old representative of “Green and Gold from ACT scored the 30-27 decision.

Russia earned the first spot in the team table, collecting four and three Gold medals in the senior male and female “Elite A” classes, respectively. Thailand came second, claiming four top spots on the pedestal in the male division.

Overall, the Senior Elite Class A included 23 Gold medals up for grabs, with 12 male and 11 female categories. The complete fight results can be found on

The list of IFMA Muay Thai World Champions 2019 is presented below.

Male Division

  • 48 kg Netipong Phrommakhot (Thailand)
  • 51 kg Charak Murtuzaliev (Russia)
  • 54 kg Detrak Kulsena (Thailand)
  • 57 kg Almaz Sarsembekov (Kazakhstan)
  • 60 kg Aik Begian (Russia)
  • 67 kg Thanet Nitutorn (Thailand)
  • 71 kg Ilia Balanov (Russia)
  • 75 kg Jimmy Vienot (France)
  • 81 kg Suthat Bunchit (Thailand)
  • 86 kg Gadzhi Medzhidov (Russia)
  • 91 kg Oleh Pryimachov (Ukraine)
  • +91 kg Bugra Tugay Erdogan (Turkey)

Female Division

  • 45 kg Alena Liashkevich (Belarus)
  • 48 kg Tessa Kakkonen (Finland)
  • 51 kg Bui Yen Ly (Vietnam)
  • 54 kg Almira Tinchurina (Russia)
  • 57 kg Maria Klimova (Russia)
  • 60 kg Nili Block (Israel)
  • 63.5 kg Zoe Putorak (Australia)
  • 67 kg Bediha Tacyildiz (Turkey)
  • 71 kg Anna Rantanen (Finland)
  • 75 kg Sarah Carter (Canada)
  • +75 kg Viktoriia Zhbankova (Russia)

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