Muay Thai records 1 Million World Championship viewers

The Sport of Muay Thai has reached another milestone. A recent World Championships held in Bangkok, Thailand last month (July) has recorded over a million spectators, who watched the event online. Up to 200,000 viewers were tuning in every day, IFMA reported.


The “Best Team” award went to Russia, while Thailand came second. Among other achievements, Alena Leshkevich of Belarus has become the first athlete to win IFMA Muay Thai Worlds four years in a row. Jimmy Vienot of France earned a trophy of the “Best Male Boxer” of the tournament. Zoe Putorak of Australia claimed Gold in the women’s 63.5 kg weight class.

IFMA World Championships is an Olympic-system tournament. The contest features international competitors representing their national teams. The athletes battle it out for medals in their respective weight classes in a format of single-elimination.

The full list of IFMA World Champions 2019 in the Elite Class A can be found here. The event was also the following qualification tournament (in selected divisions) for The World Games 2021, which is scheduled from July 15 to July 25 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The first qualification was held earlier this year at Arafura Games in Darwin, Australia.

The next on the calendar of amateur Muay Thai is Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships. The event is held in Chungju, Korea from August 30 to September 6.


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